BASKETBALLISH: More Fun in the Philippines! (experience ng FOREIGNOY)

Foreignoy talks about learning "wikang basketball" in the Philippines:

I didn't know anything about basketball when I moved here. Filipinos taught me how to play, thanks to their welcoming attitude, patience, and love for the game. In the Philippines, ball is life!

Basketball is different in the Philippines, it even has its own terminology. Words like "swak", "bwakaw", and "butata" are commonly heard on Filipino courts, but nowhere else. Informal games also have their own rules and conventions, like:

1. "Miss" - when the teams dispute each other, and there is no referee, they settle the issue with a free throw. If the team scores the free throw, then the ball stays with them. If they miss, then the ball is given to the other team.

2. "Hold ball" - ball is walked to the other side of the court before play begins, because the players are tired or not in the mood to run.

3. "Foul, counted" - if a player is fouled while he shoots, and he scores, then the shot is counted. No need to do a free throw.

Watch the video and discover the quirks of Filipino basketball, and learn to speak like a Filipino basketball player!

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